Rupp Käsevielfalt

Strong brands: S'beschte Eck vom Käs

S’beschte Eck vom Käs – Rupp’s brand - enjoys the type of brand quality to make you melt. No other processed cheese in Austria is as popular and as well-known as this brand. And this is why Rupp is the market leader for processed cheeses – whatever the form. Triangles, slices or spreadable cheese: there is no creamier cheese. Who isn’t yet familiar with the Enzian “Käsle”, the fresh-cream Gervais, the full-fat cheese? True classics from the delicious range of cheeses from Rupp.

Premium quality for the ears

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Rupp Gervais Sorten

Rupp S‘leichte Eck

Rupp Doppel-Rahm-Käsle